Resorts... That's our business!

slider1.jpgOwning or managing a resort brings a whole host of unique challenges. At Pine Insurance, we have worked with many resorts just like yours. We know what you need and don't need, and have long-term relationships with the carriers that specialize in your business. Don't trust the protection of your livelihood to someone that tries to insure anything and everything. We know resorts.

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Pizza, Fast Food & Restaurant Delivery

pizza_delivery.jpgIf you deliver food, whether in a company-owned vehicle or in the employee's personal vehicle, you need to have an Owned, Hired & Non-Owned policy.

Non-Owned and Hired Auto Coverage is an insurance coverage you, as a business owner shouldn't be without. Did you know nearly every insurance policy for personal drivers prohibits the use of one's vehicle for delivering goods for a business, and many policies specifically state no pizza delivery? You need coverage that protects your business from liability in accidents that occur while the employees are working.

We can package the Non Owned and Hired Auto Coverage with a GREAT package that offers a competitive program designed to provide all the coverage your business needs for property, liability and workers compensation in one place! We can provide coverage on any type of pizza, fast food or other restaurant delivery.

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